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I love first looks! There’s no pressure to do one, but there are so many benefits to a first look. While I always encourage my couples to do whatever they want, many opt for a first look. What is a first look you ask? A first look is when the couple arranges for a private time to see each other before the wedding ceremony. The only people present will be the two of you and your photographers and videographers! First looks are popular for so many reasons.

Why my clients love to do first looks

Benefits of First Looks

Helps calm nerves

There’s less pressure to have a reaction in front of everyone watching. So, you can get an authentic and true reaction to seeing your future spouse on the day of your wedding. If you’re the type of person who gets nervous around crowds or doesn’t like to be the center of attention, this is a great option! It lets you get those nerves out with your partner right there with you.

First look wedding ideas

A moment to yourselves

First looks allow for more intimate and personal time with your significant other. Your wedding day is such a whirlwind, and there are always so many people around you. This lets the two of you have a moment together before the guests arrive!

Best lighting for winter weddings

If you’re having a winter wedding, this is the best option for getting photos before the ceremony in natural light! The sun sets early in the winter, so if you don’t do a first look, you might not be able to have any naturally lit photos.

Romantic first look wedding pictures

Make the most of your timeline

When you do a first look before the ceremony, you can get all of your bride and groom portraits, family portraits, and bridal party portraits done. This lets you enjoy your cocktail hour and really mingle with guests. Plus, if we need a few more portraits, we have plenty of time during cocktail hour to sneak away! If you wait to get all of your portraits after the ceremony, we could be crunched for time.

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At the end of the day, it’s your wedding and what you want matters the absolute most! Although I love first looks so much, I want your day to go however you envision. But if you’re on the fence, hopefully, this helps you decide if a first look is right for you, and you understand why I recommend them.

It’s always good to have a photographer you trust! I always work to help my couples get the day they imagine for their wedding, and I would love to help you do the same.

The Pros and Cons of First Look Photos

West Virginia wedding photographer - Andrea Cooper Photography


Why I Love First Looks

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