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Alli and Steven’s Newborn Lifestyle session was an absolute joy to shoot! This might be one of my new favorite sessions ever, but who am I kidding? I feel like I say this after all my sessions! I have loved getting to know Alli and Steven while shooting their maternity session and now having the chance to shoot their newborn session as well. Such a beautiful full-circle moment! I love my clients and their trust in me to capture these precious memories with their new little bundle of joy! This is why it’s so important that I create a good environment for my clients, and that is why I don’t use props or pose during my newborn sessions.

Non-posed newborn sessions Newborn photography by Andrea Cooper Photography

Why I Don’t Use Props or Posing In Newborn Sessions

When I first started photographing newborns, I often saw photographers offering posed newborn sessions in a studio. The perfectly posed and baby burrito swaddles are extremely cute! But personally, I found that trying to do that type of photography style just was not authentic to myself and why I fell in love with the art of photography. Growing up in a big family I was around a lot of babies and small children, and I found it so sweet to capture a documentary side of newborn photography vs a perfectly posed in a bowl newborn session. It’s no secret that newborns have something extra special about them. Their tiny toes, baby yawns, and pouty lips make my heart flutter. This is why I offer lifestyle newborn sessions with baby-led posing.

Newborn lifestyle session Lifestyle Newborn Photography Lifestyle infant Photography

What is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

There is so much beauty in simplicity and in capturing who babies already are. A simple, sweet yawn, the awe-inspiring details that first drew us in, and the connection between a parent and newborn that captivate us. Lifestyle photography captures that in a way that documents all the details and candid expressions, as well as the connection between newborns, parents, and siblings – and even your family pets like your dogs and cats!

Newborn lifestyle session Non-posed newborn photography in West VirginiaFamily photography by Andrea Cooper Photography

What is Baby-led Posing?

Baby-led posing refers to documenting the baby in a way that is natural and authentic to him or her. Rather than posing the baby in any unnatural positions, it highlights everything that first catches our attention and everything we want to remember about these little ones.

Their sweet little yawns, their teeny toes, the tiny stretches of their fragile limbs, the way they fit so perfectly in your arms, how they wrap all their fingers so tightly around yours, and how snug and cozy they look when all swaddled up.

Non-posed family photography in West VirginiaAt-home lifestyle new baby shoot

Timeless Images from Newborn Sessions

When I hear parents exclaim things like, “I love this photo because that is exactly how she sleeps!” after they see the images from their newborn session, I am reminded why I do what I do. Portraits of newborns in their natural state not only are beautifully timeless, but they take you back to that place of remembering exactly how your little one was when he or she had just arrived, never to be forgotten in exactly that way.

Lifestyle Newborn PhotographyNon-posed newborn photography in West Virginia

There is nothing more important to me than being able to capture these magical family moments on camera for my clients. I love knowing that I am helping them create lasting memories as their family grows and photos that they can look back on for years to come. My clients mean the world to me, and I love getting to know them and connect with them in this special way. If you have been thinking about a newborn session to celebrate the addition of your little one, make sure to drop me a note! I would love to work together and capture your special moments during this exciting time in your family’s life!

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Why I Don’t Use Props or Posing In Newborn Sessions

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