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A lot of people are talking about micro weddings right now, but regardless of the times, it’s worth considering having a micro wedding. Planning a micro wedding allows you to focus more on each other and the fact that you’re getting married. You can spend real quality time with your guests. Micro weddings are just more intimate and allow for more personal detail. Not to mention, depending on what you choose to focus on, a micro wedding can save you money. But there are definitely a few things to consider when planning a micro wedding.

Bride getting ready for her micro weddingWest Virginia Micro Wedding and elopement photographer

Decide who you’re going to invite

Don’t feel overwhelmed by this step. Keep it simple. Micro weddings are typically twenty people or less. If you want to keep things small and intimate, then stick to your immediate friends and family. The biggest pro to an intimate wedding is the quality time with guests. More often than not with big weddings, you’ll be so busy “making your rounds” to see everyone that you might not even have a chance to eat! With a smaller guest list, you can sit down around a family table and feel connected to all of those smiling faces.

Pick the right location

Where are you going to host your micro wedding? It can be wherever you want it to be. I have photographed micro weddings in a chapel, a backyard with family members, and a courthouse! If you don’t feel like any of your family members have a wedding-friendly backyard, I have heard of people renting out an Airbnb for their wedding!

How to plan a Micro Wedding How to plan a Micro Wedding

Figure out if you’re having a reception

A lot of couples opt to have a post elopement party to celebrate their union with family and friends at a later date. This can be a simple dinner or a formal reception at a venue! The options are endless. Some couples decide to just have dinner after the ceremony, while others, like Jean and Will, chose a backyard reception.

Put together your vendor list for your wedding

Did you know Wandering Weddings has members who specialize in planning and documenting elopements and small weddings around the world? This site lets you find so many incredible vendors, no matter where you live! So as you plan, you can use resources like these to find the best fit. Even an intimate wedding requires some planning, so a planner can be really helpful.

How to plan a Micro Wedding Micro Wedding and elopement photographer in Pittsburg, PA

Hire a photographer

No matter if your wedding is two, twenty, or two hundred people, you should most definitely hire a photographer! I promise I’m not saying this simply because I am a photographer. I truly believe it. You want to document this day, regardless of if it is in a chapel, your backyard, or even the courthouse! You want to document this day for your future. Especially with the time and energy you dedicated to the smallest of details, you want to make sure that it is all captured.


How to plan a Micro Wedding

How to plan a Micro Wedding

Jean and Will's backyard micro wedding groom at his micro wedding Bride getting ready for her micro wedding West Virginia Micro Wedding and elopement photographer Micro Wedding and elopement photographer in Pittsburg, PA

Micro Wedding Courthouse Wedding

I love working with micro weddings. They’re intimate and fun, and you can get some amazing personal photos! Planning your own micro wedding? Reach out to me! It would be great to work together.

How to plan a Micro Wedding


Micro Wedding Planning Tips

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