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I love to shoot in-home newborn sessions! They’re typically more relaxed, so they allow everyone to feel really comfortable and be in the moment. In-home newborn sessions are all about the connection and love of family. I get the opportunity to capture family moments that, I hope, fill the walls of their homes or get commemorated in a scrapbook. Because newborn sessions are so special, I wanted to share my best tips for holding one in your home.

Wear Neutral Colors

I typically suggest that the family wears neutral or light colors. You want to be the perfect balance of cozy and comfortable while still wearing clothes that you feel good in. This allows the focus to be on the newborn too. Plus, you can have the photos up in any room in the house!

Sometimes this means mom is wearing a dress, but sometimes she wears jeans and a nice shirt/sweater. This usually depends on the time of year. Most new dads will choose a clean pair of jeans or khaki-type shorts. For the newborn, I recommend having a few outfits on hand as well as a few soft swaddles.

Lifestyle Newborn Session Tip Lifestyle Newborn Session Tip Lifestyle Newborn Session Tip

Block Out Plenty of Time

I like to take time for the photos. Sometimes this is an hour, but sometimes it’s an hour and a half. We often have to stop for nursing or diaper changes, so this adds time. It also allows everyone to be calm and relaxed, including the baby! You want to make sure you’re not rushing to soothe your baby if they get fussy. An in-home newborn session takes a lot of love and patience. Because we are in your home, I want to ensure that it is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

In-home newborn session tips

Get Your Baby and Home Ready

Before I arrive for the in-home newborn session, it’s good to make sure that the baby has a clean diaper and maybe a good feeding session before, so they get sleepy for us! Sleepy babies are easier to move and pose, and you can bundle them in wraps. I also love to capture details of the nursery itself, so make sure any important toys and stuffed animals are ready. That way, we can capture your newborn with their first toys!

Newborn Photography by Andrea Cooper In-home newborn session tips

How In-home Newborn Sessions Work

I always get a wide variety of pictures. We get everything from the full family together to the baby lying by themselves to individuals of the baby being held by both mom and dad. I always love and encourage pet family shots as well. If you have pets that will step into the frame because of their curiosity about their new baby human, then we can do pet photos too. As long as you’re comfortable with them being around the baby, they are welcome. If you have other children, I like to get their portraits with the baby first, so they can go and play after.

Newborn Photography by Andrea Cooper Photography Newborn Photography by Andrea Cooper Photography Bridgeport and Morgantown West Virginia Newborn Photographer Bridgeport and Morgantown West Virginia Newborn Photographer

I’m a family and wedding photographer because I believe in documenting life. Life comes with so many important moments like belly laughs, tears, and silly behavior. Our life is worth capturing. If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to forget certain little moments in time. This is where photography comes in. If you have an adorable newborn, and you want to document those moments, I hope you reach out to me. I would love to be a part of that.

Newborn Photography by Andrea Cooper Photography


A Guide To In-Home Newborn Sessions

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