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How Do You Fill Your Cup Up?

It’s easy to forget about yourself and to continuously pour into other people. But when you’re so focused on doing everything for everyone else, your cup can be left empty. And it’s hard to fill others up, if your cup is left in the dust.

So how do you fill up your cup?

The three things I do are:

1. Positive Self-talk

What are you saying to yourself on a daily basis? What do you tell yourself when you succeed? When you make a mistake?

If you notice that you’re telling yourself some ugly things, it’s time for that to change. Start with your successes. At the end of each day, reflect on your accomplishments and the hard work it took to get there. Don’t forget to give yourself credit where credit is due!

2. Positive Gratitude

A big part of filling your cup is redirecting your energy towards constructive mindsets versus destructive mindsets.

Instead of draining yourself by dwelling on the negative, you have the choice to reach a more energized and positive state of being that trickles down to the rest of your life.

Practicing gratitude doesn’t have to be difficult. You can take five minutes during your morning walk to go over everything in your life that you’re grateful for in that moment.

If you’re not sure what to be grateful for, start with something more general like “I have running water” or “I have a working car to get around”. Start simple and work your way up.

Last but not least

3. Set boundaries

Without clear boundaries in life, you are vulnerable to burnout simply because you’re less likely to realize that you are being overextended.

I am a go-go-go person. I always want to finish one task and get to the next.

But it was important to me with my business that I make sure to have balance between my work life and my personal life!

So I truly don’t say no when it comes to seeing my friends or when my family is having a dinner together.

Self-care is also included here, so whether that’s getting my nails done, getting to exercise or binge watching a Netflix series to relax in the evenings. (I watched Queens Gambit & Bridgerton and LOVED them both? Have you watched them? Which one is your favorite?)


How Do You Fill Your Cup Up?

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